Mr.McKee and I went to Amsterdam in November of 2011. Mission Workshop asked Matthew to come up with a shop fit for Pristine Fixed. Matthew did a lot of prep work for this project, that we where both very proud of.

Matthew made some custom hooks, first a few different prototypes where made. We decided on one, and 30+ hooks where busted out. We reused small barrels that where cutt in half and spray painted black to be used as light sconces.

The bastards at KML airlines almost ruined the trip by losing Matthew’s tool bag along with all the hooks! Two days later the bag shows up, and half the work had been done using the bare minimum, including re using the nails that I pulled out of the wooden palettes that we took in the night from a near by city construction project. It’s a good thing Matthew can make something out of nothing using anything! I Married the modern day Macygver. Check it!

I present you the Hook!

Hooks: Check!

Cut a small barrel in half and you got your self a mounted light sconce.

Whatever dirty little blue barrels, look at you now!

Lights! What good is a light sconce with no lights.

Lookin good on the tiny house, now to the walls of Pristine.

Bikes, Bikes, Bikes. Amsterdam.

We finally meet our wall. The mounting and stringing up the lights begins.

I was working on this project as well. Imagine that : )

Always looking for materials we can use. We found these wooden planks, just what we were looking for : )

We got the crew, and came back to get the wooden planks. Materials: Check!

Matthews work space, the roof of Pristine.

Lights, barrel sconces, pillars & hooks. Ready to Merch.

Mission Workshop Pristine Complete!

Extra wood planks where left over, so Matthew & Keng assembled a wall mount for frames, to tie the room together.

And of coarse this project was fueled by Bicycle Coffee!