Sexy pants Matthew is in Berlin at the moment.

He’s currently assembling all the displays he made here in Oakland. The displays where then broken down and shipped to berlin where, then assembled by none other but himself. My flight to germany leaves this wednesday.

stayed tuned…

this is in london almost 2 years ago. the berlin opening party also happens to be on a thursday as well!


The wearhouse is in it’s best shape yet. Now accepting visitors. However NO crackheads, thieves, sluts, creeps, gypsies or rabid animals.

Sneak peak.

Wooden Bike Stand

This past weekend we have been doing a MAJOR make over with the wearhouse. For the reason that we had a entraining magazine crew from Japan come for a visit to the Bicycle Coffee wearhouse. Among the rearranging of pretty much everything under the roof. Matthew came up with these nicely designed bike stands, since all the bikes around here are just piled up. You slide in your front or back tire and your stylin. Pieces are the off cuts from our fancy new counter in the loft.



Bicycle Coffee Drip Racks

On the Bicycle Coffee Tip. Matthew started using his sodering skills, to make drip racks to go along with the drip cones that are also made here at the BCCHQ. Drip racks are made from 1/2″ cooper water pipe. All in house production yo!

Bits and pieces.

Coming soon to a cafe near you!

Where in the world is Matthew McKee?

Actually……… Mr. McKee is getting ready to head over to Berlin, Germany! However I’ve been sorting though over a 1000 great pictures from our last adventure in Amsterdam which will be the next post I make. As well as the weekly wearhouse house projects going on here at the BCCHQ. Get excited all you cats!

Planter Barrel on Wheels

One barrel cutt in half. Welded together, and placed on a bracket that Matthew welded together with spare pieces of metal. The cart we got at urban ore with no intensions of becoming a Plater barrel filled with mixed lettuce. Matthew got it for the wheels.

The new fence!

The wearhouse had a temporary fence outside that was made out of old scaffold boards. Matthew assembled the fence to were the boards just slid in. The boards where easy to access when needed. Inetrbike was coming up and most of the boards had to come down. Many where used in the assembly of the booth for Mission Workshop and DZR shoes. Fenceless for about a week, we realized how nice it was to have the privacy from the loons that walk past the yard. The next week the new fence was up!old fencenew fence

Settled in…

Matthew and I are all settled in our tiny house inside the Bicycle Coffee wear-house/roastery. Life is good. New projects will be posted sooner then later. Stay Tuned.